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They struggle to escape but get more stuck, until they finally get freed by Bullet. v=NNa ZNFy Jh MU Season 3 Episode 23 The Curse of Candace While at the movies, Stacy's feet get stuck in some purple goo. Season 2 Episode 9: I Dude Clover accidentally glues Jerry's hand to his head with the glue gadget named "24 Hour Extra Power All Day Adhesive Hair Pomade".Later in the episode Perry the Platypus lands on a square of the same goo at Doofenshmirtz's lair. v=pr BZOp Jh_5E Season 2 Episode 6(Here Comes The Sun) When investigating in Alaska, the spies are stuck in melted tar because of high temperature caused by the main villain Sunny Day. Later, the main girls stick several of Frankie Dude's henchwomen (all clad in metalic bikinis) to the floor using the same substance. v=Vu RW1k Hc6l A Season 3 Episode 17 (Creepy Crawly Much?Spike eventually frees himself, but he leaves Dopey behind.The Marshalls try several things to free Dopey, but they all fail.He then accidentally hits a steam roller and gets stuck to it.He steps in the glue and when he tries to push the steamroller away with his foot, that gets stuck as well.

Episode: Tar Pit Spike and Dopey get stuck in a tar pit.

He tries to put down the jar of glue, but it's stuck to his hands because there's some glue on his hands.

One tells Seven that maybe he should handle the glue.

He brushes a large patch of glue on a table beneath the window which 5 smurfs land in. Patrick then chews its remains up, but then blows a bubble that leaves Bikini Bottom covered in gum.

Episode: Are You My Family During the scene where all the monsters (except Six) are making a card for Mom, Five starts to cover himself with glue.

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