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UNITED STATES MILITARY SMALL ARMS, 1816 - 1865 Robert Reilly. 537 pages full of pictures and information on artillery projectiles from the by Sylvia & O'Donnel.

One of the best ever reference works for weapons of the Civil War. This traces our hobby from soldiers picking up souvenirs after battle, to modern day collectors and detectors Hundreds of pictures including a special color section.

This wonderful new 393 page hardbound book is filled with information on finding, researching, recovering, identifying and documenting colonial artifacts, and while most of it is focused on Virginia sites and relics, it would certainly apply to any area!

It is filled with wonderful, all color photography of artifacts, including military as well as everyday items from house sites, and even includes some Civil War and other items found in the same areas.

This book has become one of the "must haves" as it contains many buttons not covered in Albert's, and also lists every known backmark for each button.

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o many collectors and diggers, nothing is quite as exciting as finding a button from the Civil War.

275 pages with drawings that show more detail than photos would, and great descriptive text. .00 CIVIL WAR SHARPS CARBINES & RIFLES by Earl J. This one's for every one regardless of your area of interest.

Covers muskets, rifle-muskets, rifles, carbines and handguns of the U. 319 pages INSIGNIA OF INDEPENDENCE, Military Buttons, Accouterment Plates & Gorgets of the American Revolution Don Troiani and James L. 297 pages 8-1/2" X 11" full of pictures and descriptions of buttons, buckles, gorgets & more!

A 320 page illustrated history of rubber and pre-plastic antiques, including military items such as rubber blankets, knapsacks, holsters, canteens, etc as well as other civilian products: image cases, combs, flasks, pipes and much, much more. From light paper ephemera such as land surveys and playing cards to heavy garden stones and Conestoga wagon components, they are pictured and explained.

Plenty of pictures, and appendixes contauning invaluable manufacturer and patent info. This book is ideal for all of us with a passion for history and a curiosity about historic objects!

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