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If men engaged in the same behavior as the women with being psychotic, they would have their profiles removed.

But when women are nuts, they're allowed to continue behaving that way.

Say something along the lines of : I am sorry to ask this, because I think you’re not, but are you a Bar girl?

If you have ever been to Thailand, you know how bad public transport is, so 10-12 hours work with another 1-2 hours of commuting to work and you see why most Thai girls use online dating sites to find partners and casual one night stands.

Only the rich Thai girls have time to socialize most nights, and even then, its hard for them to do that.

You must also remember that the average Thai doesn’t have much disposable income, so visiting bars and clubs won’t be on the agenda for them every week.

There is a whole un-tapped market currently on these dating sites, Thai friendly being the most popular and successful.

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