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As a solo performer, Blake has appeared on various Australian television programs, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's televised 2008 Great Debate, and has been a regular guest on Spicks and Specks, Rove and Thank God You're Here.In April 2012, Blake and co-star Andy Lee won a Logie Award for their television program Hamish and Andy's Gap Year.

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On a warm, summery Monday, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are in the recording studios at Fox FM's St Kilda headquarters belting out a musical tribute to our Kylie's love rat ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez, sung to the tune of It doesn't matter that the end of Martinez and Minogue's relationship was accompanied by a joint statement denying infidelity on either part: it's all part of a daily mix of gags that covers Paris Hilton, Blake's trip to a nudist resort and a studio visit from diminutive runner-up Anthony Callea, who comes in to plug his new album but instead finds himself in a "who is shorter" competition, pitted against a very short fellow named Jeremy, a professional basketballer named Matt and a wheelie bin. It never appealed to me and I don't really go to nightclubs.Hamish Donald Blake (born 11 December 1981) is an Australian comedian, actor, and author from Melbourne.Since 2003, he has worked with Andy Lee as part of the comedy duo Hamish and Andy.The pair have performed live and on television and radio, most notably with their drive-time radio program Hamish & Andy.

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