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If your light fixtures are dated, bringing them into this decade should make the top of your remodeling to-do list.

Not only is this one of the easier (and relatively cheaper) projects you can take on, there's also another big benefit: You’ll generally see a full return on your investment when you sell your house. Now here’s how to give your lighting a "wow" factor.

This way you can move the piece easily by picking up the foam and not the actual object to turn it around so that you get all sides equally covered with spray paint.

Pebble style foam that comes packed in boxes around TV’s and knock down furniture works the best as the spray paint doesn’t melt it.

I want to add more white with color pops and less black to the room. They were green when I bought them, then I glazed them yellow – then I sprayed them black about 6 years ago.

Each transformation lasted a few years until I tired of it or they looked beat up.

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If you’re going above and beyond simple recessed lighting, you’ll have to think about .“The enamel farmhouse style [fixtures] are really great because they’re so simple and feel so very modern," Sutton says. So they’re perfect for the kitchen island, but things might get a little toasty on the sofa with those right above your head.”And then consider what the fixture will actually look like when it’s off the design pages and in your house.If you do decide to sell your home, you’ll want those lights to be noticed.I am trying to play catch up by posting some projects that I’ve had done for a while, but have yet to blog about. For decorative lights, you’ll have to make sure you're OK with anything you choose playing second fiddle to the main light source.If your decorative light ends up outshining (literally) every other light in the room, you’ll mess up the flow. If you’re going for main light source, you’ll have to make sure you’ve chosen the right light for the size of your room. If you have high ceilings and a lot of square footage, a large hanging pendant makes sense, but trying to cram even a medium-size fixture in some small spaces can be overpowering.“Literally just an Edison bulb dangling from a cord above your bar can look perfect in a small space,” Sutton says.

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