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It gives immense pleasure when I see a wife nudging her husband confirming to him what I am saying about his sun sign.

I consider this my subject’s success, not mine.” On the accuracy of his analysis and his light-hearted interpretation, Upadhayay candidly confesses that what he says on stage is only to create humour and entertain the people.

He also compares the different reactions of people of different signs under similar situations.

New Bombay Plus caught up with Upadhayay, who revealed that he was a serious astrologer who had conducted astrology classes and provided consultation for over 25 years. A friend who had attended my classes suggested that I do stage shows.

Maratkar double checks his predictions with the party’s date of birth as well, and for this reason, the nine-year-old NCP also earns his confidence.During his three hour show, Updhayay starts of with analysing the symbol of each of the twelve sun signs, showing pictures of celebrities and politicians who have the same sign and then goes on to reveal the characteristics of people of those signs.His humorous analysis predominantly cites the relationships husband and wife and lovers. Two podiums with mikes, a table lamp on a table covered with a simple tablecloth and an old man chattering away on a dry subject for three hours.But Sharad Upadhyay’s `Rashichakra’ in which he analyses the characteristics of people based on their stars, is what dream success is all about.

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