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A 73-year-old grandmother has finally been reunited with her Yorkshire Terrier who was seized by seven police officers after he allegedly ran towards a courier.

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"It is part of a wider set of reform programmes including Chess in Prison, Sports, WE-Transform as we move to create a safer and gentler society," Minister of National Security Robert Montague said.

He fell over and I told him if he was afraid to just stay still.'My neighbour came out and picked up the dog.

It looked like the man had a little scratch above the waist, but I think that was from when he fell.

After being told yesterday at a police interview she might have to wait 'three weeks' to have Alfie back she was delighted to have him returned today after six days in kennels.

She said: 'I'm so relieved he has been given back, I was so worried while he was away.'I live alone and he protects me, so I felt very vulnerable without him.'He's just a small dog there is no way he could have done the damage the delivery man was claiming.'I saw the mark on him at the time and it was very different to the photos the police had.

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