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“Love Serenade,” Barry White (1975) I’m a full-grown, hetero male who’s been married to a beautiful woman for many years now, but when Barry White sings, “Take off your brassiere, dear,” I instinctively reach behind my back to find the clasp.—Stephen M. “Love and Happiness,” Al Green (1972) Sexiness and Al Greenare pretty much synonymous.

We could have probably put 20 of his songs on this list and no one would have argued with us.

First singing, “I’m just a tom cat and you’s my kitten / And I’m just sittin’ here licking my paws,” he later warns about biting with his fangs and making his “midnight pound.” Um, yeah…—Ryan Bort 18. Bonus points if it’s a sweltering summer night somewhere on the Bayou. “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” D’Angelo (2000) The song needs no title because it entrances and alters every song that came prior.

Serious Voodoo: 60 minutes of muggy grooves and wayward funk, the blazed and the blessed coming together and praying for strength amid aimless endless nights of jealousy, temptation and crippling despair.

He opts instead to playfully toy with his pedals, providing a sultry backdrop for lyrics that drip with sexuality. At exactly 15 minutes long, you could probably even choreograph a lovemaking session to unfold in harmony with Jimi’s ebbing and flowing and building and, ultimately, climaxing guitar work.“I’m On Fire,” Bruce Springsteen (1985) By the time “I’m On Fire” was released as a single in February of 1985, Bruce Springsteenhad himself become a bonafide sex symbol (a turnoff to many longtime fans).I can’t think of many songs that build up this much sexual tension, with its slinky guitar line and lyrics that hint at an adulterous affair, but never quite divulge whether or not it’s carried out.“Untitled” casts a spell potent enough to turn that hour of deeply troubled soul into a ritualistic prelude, the drugs and thugs and heat and grease becoming elements of a mating dance, finally building to a peak of sexual release conceived with about as much subtlety as Marvin’s Exhibit A.“What happens when the artist becomes the conjur man? “These Arms of Mine,” Otis Redding (1962) Anyone who’s seen Dirty Dancing (or Roadhouse for that matter—the Swayze-Redding connection runs deep) knows that when you put “These Arms of Mine” on late at night with a girl in the room, you mean business.

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