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bringing aid and helicopters to help deliver supplies." Downing Street said that the Department for International Development's disaster response centre was sending out supplies of aid to be loaded on to HMS Ocean, which has been diverted from the Mediterranean to head for the Caribbean.Labour MP Virendra Sharma said Hurricane Irma was not adequately prepared for, despite indications that it would wreak devastation.The 39-year-old, who is due to fly back on Monday, said: "We are still here after being let down by Sandals UK and British Airways.Both kept advising only the other could assist with earlier flights home.They tell you your account has been compromised and you need to transfer the money out urgently. Boiler room fraud Named after their aggressive ‘sales’ techniques and environment, these fake businesses browbeat you on the phone in to investing in ‘sure things’, like land in developing countries or high-yield foreign shares.They may tell you to call the number on your card, make an online transfer, hand the card to a courier or even go in to the bank. They wear customers down on the phone to get them to sign up.

The spokeswoman told a Westminster briefing: "We believe our response was swift. We are getting lifesaving aid now to those who need it." She said the Government was waiting for "a full picture of intelligence to come through", adding: "Three flights departed this morning carrying marines and engineers as part of the Mo D task force.Not sure if my (new) motor mount was faulty or the 1-2 shift is a bit too violent ? It’s hard to believe, but for many people it seems that the shame of being defrauded is harder to admit to than dealing with being tricked in the first place.Vishing/smishing/courier fraud Ignore the names, this is a typical confidence trick rebooted for the modern age.The fraudster calls, texts or emails pretending to be from a bank or an authoritative organisation.

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