Teachers in trouble for dating students

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'A classmate of mine asked if Asia was a town in China, and, assuming that she was right, said that it was crazy that so many people from our school came from one town,' one user shared.Another needed answer to an even more basic question: 'A student asked, "Is the Earth round like a ball or round like a plate? User Orin Mac Gregor posted: '10th grade honors chemistry, topic is states of matter. "'One of the more confused questions was: 'How old was the average 18-year old in 1942?The Crown called for three years incarceration for “egregious breach of trust.” Ralph received 18 months house arrest, six months curfew and community service.The entrenched belief that men are propelled by lust, women by emotional need, shadowed Ralph’s case, as it does others involving female teachers.A psychiatrist for Ralph’s defence reported the former teacher suffered from “teacher-lover” syndrome, a clinical term dating to the late 1980s to describe teachers, usually female, who believe they’re in a consensual romantic relationship with students.

'One high school teacher shared that a 16-year-old student once asked: 'Wait, aren't rhinos made of mud?The victim, now in his 20s, said a psychiatrist helped him understand he’d missed out on normal dating rituals.Pontbriand, now a mother of two, alienated him from family and friends, he said, “so as to satisfy her own egotistic and sexual desires. This is true of some boys who bully but is perhaps even more common among bullying girls. Some of them are highly skilled socially and good at ingratiating themselves with their teacher and other adults.

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