Verizon updating you phone

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If you don't get the i Phone 6S the moment it hits store shelves (say, you decide to buy it in January), but you want to upgrade to the i Phone 7 the moment it comes out next year, Verizon will let you do that -- with two caveats.

First, you need to wait at least six months since your last upgrade.

T-Mobile's "Jump on Demand" plan lets you upgrade up to three times a year -- and it's not exclusive to the i Phone.

has even gotten into the game, letting customers pay a little over a month to lease an i Phone (with Apple Care included) and get a new one in 12 months.

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Back in October 2013 we published a detailed tutorial to root LG G2 and install TWRP recovery on this device.Here's how it works: Buy a new i Phone with Verizon and pay it off in monthly installments (for example, a month for the 16 GB version).Once you've paid off 50% of the i Phone's value, you can trade in your old i Phone for a new one.Verizon had been the lone holdout in the new upgrade-every-year trend.Each of the other three nationwide carriers have plans that allow you to trade in your old i Phone for a new one at least once a year.

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