Who is big time rush dating

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Kendall took a seat in the very back, propping his legs up on the seat in front of him and shooting Logan one sexy smirk.

Logan just took the seat next to him and began to watch the previews.

Not getting any protests from the other, Kendall continued it."Hey Logan," Kendall whispered about halfway through, causing the other teen to look at him. Kendall, happy to be broken free from Logan's eyes, jumped out of his seat and disappeared into the closest bathroom, trying to catch his breath."Shit Knight, get yourself together! "Maybe his crush on Logan was a little stronger than he had originally thought.

A blush immediately rose on Logan's cheeks as he noticed how close he and Kendall were."Y-yeah? " he whispered to himself, splashing some water on his flushed face. Heading out of the bathroom and to the concession stand, he tried to gather his wildly running thoughts.…In the movie theater, Logan's cheeks had a bright blush spread across them as he tried to focus back onto the movie before him.

Stepping inside, he saw his friend and ex-girlfriend Camille Roberts lounging in there."Hey Logikins," she said, making him shake his head at her.

And he's also noticed how much he got urges to touch Logan more often and in any way possible, be it an arm around the shoulders or a hand on his back or just a swift brush of his fingers over the arm or anything.Okay, so I'm breaking free from MBAV and trying a BTR fic…Hope it's good…And no, I don't own Big Time Rush or any of the guys or the show or the band, etc. Am a fan though : D…Kendall Knight sat in the Palm Woods lobby, headphones in his ears as he waited for his closest friend, Logan Mitchell, to show up.They were going to go see the newest comedy that was currently out in theaters, and he couldn't wait.The two teens got into the car and Logan started it up, and they were on their way.…Once at the movie theater, they were surprised to see the theater was mostly empty.Only an old elderly couple sat in the very front, heads leaning back to watch the now starting previews.

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